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My best friend Glara visited Korea for my wedding. She prepared a gorgeous bridal cupcakes cake. Even a tiara is on the top! I was so touched! And we had a photo shooting with photographer Billy(Glara’s husband actually). Many thanks to this couple!


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I had a super great time with my awesome friends. I suggested ‘white’ as a dress code. They were perfect for it. And many thanks to Billy for taking wonderful pictures!

1 2-1 3IMG_2153 4IMG_2165 5 6-1 6-2 8 10 11 12-1 12-2 13 21-2 15-1 15-2 16 17IMG_2683 18IMG_2309 We had a wedding photo shooting. I tried several wedding dresses. I felt like a princess. I was exhausted but it was really fun! Many thanks to my friends who stopped by with delicious snacks, we were starving! _o5.o4.2o12